Wheeling Happiness delivers $10 of social value for every $1 invested.

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Ambassador: Devika Malik,India

Devika co-founded Wheeling Happiness to promote inclusion and to advocate for better access to opportunities for people living with physical and mental disabilities. Wheeling Happiness has impacted more than 10,000 people through advocacy work, sports inclusion programmes and providing accessibility aids.


The Wheeling Happiness Foundation is the proverbial first step of a thousand-mile journey. A beginning that promises a million new beginnings for those who feel they have reached a dead-end in their lives due to some disability. A brain-child of Co-Founders Dr.(h.c.) Deepa Malik and Devika Malik.

Wheeling Happiness symbolizes the eternal power of one’s’ will’ that can keep the wheels of life rolling. It is about believing in possibilities, about inspiring others and being inspired in turn and above all it is about the power of doing good and sharing the goodness unequivocally.


Our Initiatives
January 26, 2019

Republic Day Celebration

Wheeling Happiness is proud to celebrate RepublicDay by spreading the message of Universal Inclusion as True Unity! Being patriotic means ensuring that we Leave No One Behind as the nation progresses. Inclusion Is Unity Happy Republic Day Our Co-Founder shares…
Our Initiatives
January 21, 2019

An effort made for the Happiness

Rahul met with an unfortunate accident that left him paralysed below waist last April & has been undergoing rehabilitation ever since. His progress was promising yet he had to make…
Our Initiatives
January 11, 2019

An initiative towards helpless

It is humbling to be able to be of service in someone's time of need! Wishing Piru Sheikh a full & speedy recovery and a healthier happier 2019 ahead!