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Wheeling Happiness Foundation

Learning is finding out what you already know.
Doing is demonstrating that you know it
Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you do.
You are all Learners, Doers, Teachers

Our mission is to create an inclusive & barrier-free society and empower people with disabilities, women and economically under-served communities.

The Wheeling Happiness Foundation is the proverbial first step of a thousand-mile journey. A beginning that promises a million new beginnings for those who feel they have reached a dead-end in their lives due to some disability. A brain-child of Co-Founders Dr.(h.c.) Deepa Malik and Devika Malik.

Wheeling Happiness symbolizes the eternal power of one’s’ will’ that can keep the wheels of life rolling. It is about believing in possibilities, about inspiring others and being inspired in turn and above all it is about the power of doing good and sharing the goodness unequivocally.

The Wheeling Happiness Foundation is a helping hand that reaches out to the differently abled who are in need of physical, material, financial and emotional support. Generating its resources through fund-raising events, donations, supporting grants and voluntary contributions, Wheeling Happiness stands strong and supportive beside those in need of help irrespective of their age, social status, type of disability or geographic location within our country. Wheeling Happiness has conducted disability awareness & inclusion workshops in numerous schools and colleges across India. It advises public & private sector companies on designing inclusive employment and client services strategies. It conducts accessibility audits; provides counselling, driving lessons, mobility aids & sports equipment and facilitates access to public and private sector employment for economically disadvantaged persons with disabilities. The foundation believes in the transformative power of sport and has helped over 50 persons with disabilities to become sportspersons. The concept of Wheeling Happiness is to support, guide and inspire those in need to not just become independent and self-reliant but to even go beyond in inspiring others to grow and achieve beyond the usual expectations.

A disability is not just the absence of or the inability to use a limb or limbs. A majority of us live straddled by invisible handicaps in our attitude, values and actions without ever mustering enough courage and resolve to break through and live free. Converting the disability into ability is where people like Deepa Malik and Devika Malik come to the fore. Such people are a living proof of the power of choice. And also, a proof of what proper support and inner determination can overcome.
These people believe in pushing the barriers imposed by their disability, pushing long and hard enough till that becomes a habit. That repeatedly attempting the impossible or at least the ‘very difficult’ and gliding past it is not just possible but expected and to be considered ‘normal’.

In today’s global age, awareness regarding disabilities and impairment has been elevated greatly. However, even those with the best intentions have an outlook of sympathy towards persons with challenges. We hope that our efforts will bring about a shift in this universal mind-set and drive people to view persons with challenges as truly valuable and empowered citizens of the world, not objects of pity.

The Wheeling Happiness Foundation takes the pledge of not just helping the differently-abled to stand proud and independent but shall strive to help them become an example for the ordinary at what the extraordinary can really be.