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In keeping with the foundation’s aim of adding the element of fun and emotional health to the lives of persons striving against challenges; Wheeling Happiness brought a humane touch to Bike Festival of India held recently at Budhh International Circuit.

A group of physically challenged riders, who use modified scooters for daily commuting needs, were introduced to the world of adventure and leisure biking by Wheeling Happiness at this bike fest.

The group of riders got the opportunity to experience the world of riding beyond their tri-wheeled scooters and show off their stunting capabilities, supported by Polaris ATVs.

This experience has elevated their stand as ‘physically challenged motorists’ to mainstream ‘riders’, embodying the celebration of life and showing the world that they might use prosthetics or artificial limbs but the sheer delight they feel is absolutely real.

Our special riders got an opportunity to meet the Indian Cricket Team Captain, M.S. Dhoni who congratulated Wheeling Happiness for this novel initiative.
In addition to physically challenged riders, some underprivileged children also got the opportunity to ride Polaris ATVs and watch motorcycle stunt shows.